CNN reports that 95% of jobs aren’t listed on job boards. How to find jobs that aren’t even listed

Job-boards won’t land you a job: According to CNN 95% of jobs aren’t even listed

Most job positions are hidden to the public and aren’t listed publically. Many job seekers rely on posting their resume online and answering listings through job boards. This has never been an effective way of landing a job - just ask anyone you know who has had to do their own job search.

The best strategy, as much as people might hate it, is rather old school. 

It’s all about relationships. Sure you can still spend time submitting resumes online through job boards but now, more than ever, it’s really all about networking in person or by phone. This includes following up to a submitted resume with a live phone call and keep trying until you reach someone. This also means finding target companies you want to work for and asking the people you know if they can connect you to someone who can get you closer to those companies (are you using LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo?). It’s finding the six-degrees of separation between you and the head of the department you want to work in.  For example, if you are pursuing a job in Accounts Payable, why not try to reach the head of the Finance department – or even the CFO.  It can’t hurt and your efforts might just be seen as highly welcome and diligent.

Your personal and professional network is always critical and especially during these trying economic times.  It is much more likely that your own network will yield more viable opportunities for you than the Internet.  Start with friends and family then spread out your reach from there to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. And don’t just send emails asking if they know of any job openings.  Schedule a call with each and make your request for connection to them in person.  They will feel your passion and are much more likely to be enrolled in seeing you land your ideal job.

Also remember, an effective job-search strategy (that gets results) involves up to 5-6 hours per day.

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