Meet the Developer of Career Coaching for Students™

Career Coaching for Students™ is an exciting program for students in high school or college. The idea was born when my adult clients that were in career tranisition asked me to help their son or daughter. After several of these requests I became suspicious that schools weren’t providing sufficient guidance in this area. With a son and daughter of my own, I felt a credible and meaningful program was needed. Market research confirmed this thought.

But it wasn’t the first time I had thoughts around the issue of “talent fit” and career direction. In my many years as a HR professional and then in my consulting practice to companies (see my corporate consulting website at where I help my clients hire the “right talent”, I saw (and still see) many people who were unhappy and unsuccessful in their work or were applying for jobs that were not suitable for their talent. The root cause of this “gap” in job fit and satisfaction for many goes back to when career choices were being made in high school or college. So today, yes, you still have programs offered in the high school (ask your son or daughter if they’ve taken a “career fit assessment” of some kind), but is what is being offered truly effective? I think there are good intentions being put forth by most high schools. The problem is one of focus and expertise. Most teachers and counselors don’t have the time or expertise to deliver a comprehensive and meaningful program.

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