Getting More Hundred Percenters in Your Organization

A groundbreaking new leadership book called “Hundred Percenters: Challenge Your Employees to Give it Their All, and They’ll Give You Even More” (McGraw-Hill), shows why trying to make employees happy does not work, and details how leaders should inspire employees to passionately give 100% every day.  The author and founder of Leadership IQ, Mark Murphy, is hosting 2 free live webcasts to discuss the book.

Murphy makes many good points. The book is worth the read. You can get it at Amazon. We’ve posted it on our shorter Recommended Reading List.

Murphy offers some excellent facts to consider as you reflect on your own leadership style.

  • More than 70% of employees would rather work for a leader who challenged them with difficult goals and required them to learn new skills.
  • If leaders assign really difficult goals, employees perform better and have more self-confidence.
  • SMART Goals can be dumb, and often discourage employees from pushing themselves and developing new skills.
  • Many leaders unknowingly discourage employees from becoming hundred percenters through insufficient recognition and tolerating slackers.
  • Hundred Percenters want lots of constructive feedback, but you should never deliver it with a Compliment Sandwich.
  • If you’re going to assess your employees with a survey, never ask if they’re satisfied (and never use a five-point scale).
  • You cannot build an organization of hundred percenters if you tolerate Talented Terrors (people with 100% skills but 0% attitude). 

Through my corporate consulting business, The Nielson Group, I provide small and large clients with tools and strategies that enable leaders to create more Hundred Percenters. It involves developing key accountabilities for the job and assessing the job’s skill demands. It also involves assessing the incumbent employee’s talent using the TriMetrix Personal Talent assessment. To learn more about this, I have uploaded a PPT presentation with audio. You’ll need to download the files and then run the PPS (PowerPoint Show) on your computer. 

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