Goal Setting Makes a Difference


Success Discoveries offers free tools for setting and achieving goals. Check out the right column of the Products tab. Click here to go to the Products page. What you’ll find:


Use Tools to Make Goals Easy to Achieve is a simple MS Word document formatted to help you create a goal and how to achieve that goal.

Create a Success Poster is a fun exercise that creates a one page success poster based on what information you enter. It uses an interactive Adobe pdf file. All you need is Adobe Reader.

Other Success Discoveries suggestions:
Insight of the Day - a free subscription-based inspiration daily e-mail. Subscribe by clicking the link on the home page.

Quote of the Day - a great “home page” setting. See new quotes each day when you open your Internet browser. I also add/change out the motivational videos occasionally.Set Quote of the Day as your homepage

The Nielson Report is a fast-read, focused on helping managers and leaders keep a priority on their own professional development. It is a no-cost, subscription-based monthly newsletter (e-zine) that arrives in pdf format directly to your email. If you are a manager or leader, set a goal to do something each month toward your own professional development. Reading The Nielson Report is about as simple, quick and cost-effecgtive as it gets. 

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