In case of an emergency, Put YOUR Oxygen Mask on FIRST

I love this picture of three hamsters.  Projecting human qualities, it makes a statement about what can be. What strikes me the most is the one on top - now that’s a hamster who clearly understands personal accountability!

My thought to share with you is admiration for the beauty of the principle that we get more of what we want/desire/need when we give others what they want/desire/need

There is a caveat and a clarification to make first, but the principle has profound implications in our lives. The caveat is that in order to best serve others, we need to tend to our own basic needs.  You’ll recall that during the safety briefing, the flight attendant instructs us in case of emergency to place our own oxygen masks on first and afterward assist children or others not able to equip themselves.  You won’t be very able to help your kids if you can’t breathe.  The same can be said in non-emergency situations.  The healthier we are mentally, physically and spiritually, the better able we are to lend a helping hand to others.

This means that you have to factor you and your basic needs and desires into your priorities.  If you slavishly serve others, neglecting yourself, you will be of less value to them and you will have a diminished life experience.  We need to find a balance between serving personal needs and dedicating ourselves to others.  You can be personally accountable to the welfare of others, but you can’t be all things to all people every time.

The clarification is that we are blessed with a specific bundle of attributes and skills that define our talent.  This in turn allows us to develop and excel in certain activities while limiting our performance in others.  This means that in order to give and get the most in life, we must identify and leverage our personal strengths. 

There are two primary requirements to do this.  First, we need to be consciously clear of what they are.  Second, we must position ourselves to call upon our strengths on a regular basis.  The happiest and most successful among us have passed these hurdles.

In order to achieve great happiness, we all require the help of others.  We can’t see our own blind spots.  We also need cooperation and collaboration, whether it is a family, social or professional role, to optimally align our duties with our talents.  We need to make arrangements where mutual expectations allow us to best apply ourselves in the service of those around us.

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