Our newest product just in time for Valentine

We’re offering a special on Success Discoveries for Couples™ through the month of February. This special e-delivered self-directed program is a fun, insightful and moving assessment and guidebook for couples. If you’re a guy wanting to make a few points in the “build the relationship” category, this will do it for sure. If you are a gal wanting to find a way to get your guy to have more balance and happiness in his life - with you, this is the program! If you fear he won’t appreciate it, just tell him it was designed by a guy for guys and that I put my personal money back guarantee on his satisfaction. And best of all, we’ve priced it to be affordable in a down economy. Valued and priced normally at $250, we are offering this as a Valentine’s special for only $79! This includes the Success Discoveries for Couples™ printable e-book, and the Success Discoveries Relationship assessment pack for two! On March 1st, the price goes back to $250.

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