PAULA JOYCE, Executive/Life Coach

As a coach, trainer and speaker, Paula helps people unleash their creative intelligence and use it to develop the work, relationships and health that they want. Since her unique process enables clients to access and integrate both sides of their brain, her business and personal clients quickly dissolve blocks to success, release stress and uncover new levels of energy and productivity.

Her clients describe her as "insightful, wise and passionate with wonderful presentation skills."

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Paula expresses her creativity through art, writing and dancing Argentine Tango. Her art exhibitions include:, Akko, Israel; Canton Art Museum; Thompson Fine Arts Gallery, The Contemporary; and Eisemann Center.

Discover the hidden blocks to your success in work, relationships and health

By accessing information from the creative/intuitive/spiritual side of your brain, you will:

  • Remove those blocks
  • Discover your unique answers to creating what you want
  • Implement learnings to achieve what you want professionally and personally

  • You will learn a process that works quickly and effectively because it pulls problems out at their roots and allows you to move forward in life with more ease, freedom and joy.

    Monthly Coaching Rates:
    1 30 minute session = $150
    2 30 minute sessions = $290
    3 30 minute sessions = $350
    4 30 minute sessions = $450