A Personal Mission Statement Can Help

In my consulting work to businesses, I help identify talent for hiring (analyze for job fit) and assist work groups in becoming high performing, collaborative teams. An important part of any successful organization is the “alignment” found among the different individuals within the organization. Apply this same observation to an individual is to say the individual is an organizational unit with many different priorities, ideas, concerns and dreams. A personal mission statement serves the individual much the same way that a corporate vision, mission and principles statement serves an organization. Those individuals that have taken the time to develop a personal mission statement and reference it on a semi-regular basis tend to be more successful than those that don’t have one at all. 

One common theme for everything I do has much to do with an individual’s personal satisfaction - which comes from their motivators, their behavioral style and from their soft skills. In the course of helping individuals, I found that many have never slowed down long enough to contemplate what really makes them happy and excited. For some, they never thought they had the right to ask, let alone pursue their own desires in life and work. So the heading “Personal Mission Statement Can Help” is my humble attempt to convince you of the merits of creating a personal mission statement.

Most people, including myself, are skeptical about the thousands of self help books (and a few on the best seller lists) that promote some “theoretical” concept around creating your personal mission statement. The reason for the skepticism is that none of these books (the few I’ve actually made it through to the last page) are specific enough in their support of writing a mission statement. That makes the exercise very difficult, even if the concept is very logical - thus the reason for why 99% of people don’t have their own personal mission statement.

But, what if I told you creating a personal mission statement can be relatively easy? What if I designed a tool that allowed you to “build” your personal mission statement (a very good draft) without overtaxing your brain or consuming too much time - time you don’t have much of to begin with? What if I could guarantee you a beautiful and meaningful mission statement that addressed both short and longer term goals and objectives? What if at the end of the exercise you were emotionally drained but extremely proud of what you produced? What if...that mission statement turned out to be something so meaningful you had it framed and showed it to your spouse or significant other, parents, best friends, pastor or rabbi, mentor or boss. Would you try it? I encourage you to try it. Yes, it costs a little money. Is it expensive - no. Is it worth it - I think so but you will be the judge. To learn more go to the Personal Mission Statement Information Page. cool smile  To go directly to the shopping cart go here

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