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Quote of the Day can be your Home Page on your browserMake it a great day unless you have other plans. Carl Nielson

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Inspiration for you

Another beautiful song. Enjoy.

Zig Ziglar is one of those rare individuals that has been a global blessing. Zig loves quotes. There is so much wisdom that has come from people in our history. Zig put together a phenomenal set of quotes that inspire and expand our wisdom. He shares some of his favorites in this 3 minute, 40 second presentation.  Watch now!

How to use this page every day: Set your browser’s home page to this page by clicking the “Make this my Home Page” button at the top. Once each day, pick a quote from above or from Zig’s short list of favorites (see link below) or from one of the video’s below. Write the quote down and place it in a prominent place for the day. See how often throughout the day you can reflect on your own situation and put the wisdom to work.

The following short video from Lead Out Loud.com is a perfect way to meditate at the beginning of each day. As you watch the video, think of those things on your daily task list and consider how you can apply the different messages throughout the day. Different parts of the message will be relevant on different days so I recommend watching the video each day. Make it a great day, unless you have other plans.

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