Unleash Your Creative Intelligence Workshop

Most of our brain power goes unused. On an order of ten million to one there is more information in the right brain than the left. Yet, in the normal workday, we do not tap into this vast array of knowledge. You can easily increase your organization’s productivity and revenue by learning how to use both sides of your brain for planning, problem solving and innovation.

Workshop Objectives

  • Discover the hidden blocks to solving your problem
  • Remove the source of your problem at the root
  • Dissolve mental barriers to success
  • Access your intuitive knowledge
  • Gain new insights
  • Discover the best ways to solve your problem
  • Learn how to increase your brain power
  • Master techniques and acquire tools to take with you

The process that you will learn works quickly and effectively because it pulls problems out at their roots and allows you to move forward with your unique solutions easily and quickly.

Designed specifically for teams or workgroups, participants experience the support of others in reaching their goals. This workshop can be 2 hours, a 3-day retreat or modules depending upon the organization’s needs.

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