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A Lesson in What One Person and an Entire “Organization” Can Do
Perhaps the most popular person and television personality in the world is Oprah. Oprah’s magic shows up in whatever she does. But even Oprah was taken by what happened at her kickoff concert as she states at the end of the song “I Gotta Feeling” when she said “That was so cool, how did you all do that?”

Her new season kickoff concert starring Black Eyed Peas produced a lesson for every leader about what one person and an entire “organization” of 20,000 can do. This is fitting for any leader but is also very applicable to you and me as individuals leading in our communities, churches, synagogues and schools. With the world moving at a faster pace than ever before, you may think one person, perhaps you, can’t possibly have much impact. Watch the performance by Black Eyed Peas first and then read more for the lesson.

If you are a C-Level executive or manager of people, place yourself in the role of Oprah watching what is happening from the stage. Also, pretend the audience to be all of your employees (and customers) celebrating accomplishment of wildly important goals for the company.

The second video (below) is amateur footage posted on YouTube of the same performance giving a better view of the scope of audience - thousands of people! You probably saw in the first video what was happening in the audience. Was it spontaneous? Not a chance. But, based on Oprah’s facial expressions - she didn’t know anything about this - I think even she was surprised at the phenomenal success of what happened. What happened was a total transformation of the audience from a mass of individuals to one very large, totally aligned organization of talent.

Just think, what if the enthusiasm, energy and alignment in your organization were that strong? Could you accomplish more goals? Could you beat the competition? Would morale be high? Would the best talent be calling you to get an interview? Would the best talent in your organization not even think of leaving? Could you offer your employees greater job security? Could you be handing out raises, bonuses and promotions like candy?  Would you enjoy your job?

To make that happen required the exact same thing that is attempted within every company. Send me an email at to tell me what you think the secret to the audience’s success was. I’ll post a summary of responses and my thoughts in the next post. 

Watch the Oprah “commercial video” to see how they pulled it off, for the Oprah commercial video go here.

Carl Nielson, besides coaching individuals, implements organizational development accountability strategies for large, medium and startup companies across diverse industries. As Managing Principal for The Nielson Group, Carl has many clients showing great success using his tools and strategies. 

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