What is unique about me, and what is my best fit?

What is unique about me and what is my best fit?
The Bible says that God endows each and every one of us with special gifts. Before looking at possible career matches for your personality style, we take the time to uncover and zero in on your talents, passions, and personality style.

We then take that knowledge and search out opportunities that embrace those pieces of your “born identity”.

How should I position myself during the job search to be competitive?

The traditional processes of flipping through the Sunday classified ads or searching for the ideal job online are vanishing.

Only 10-15% of opportunities ever appear in the paper and the Internet is losing its appeal (from a recruiting standpoint) as recruiters and decision-makers are opting for face-to-face contact with eligible candidates. To set yourself apart from the pack, you must be creative in your approach. The 4 point job search strategy will put you far ahead of the others.

Am I fulfilling my purpose and calling?
Doing something merely because you have the ability to do so will not likely lead to a sense of meaning and fulfillment.

It’s only after we get an understanding of your purpose and calling that we can then set out and discover what will bring your true professional fulfillment.

What if I don’t want another corporate job?
If that is true for you, you are linking arms with a growing number of people who are determined to design their job and career, around the life they want.

I realize that that is counter-intuitive to the way most of use was brought up. Most of us were trained to find a job, and then to make a life work. I am suggesting the reverse of that age-old process.

How can I create additional income?
An increasing number of solo-entrepreneurs are taking action on their ideas and turning it into a revenue stream. And I’m not talking about $100-$200 a month selling products to your friends and family. I’m talking about creating a viable economic model around your idea, developing a business plan, and taking action.

How can I build my business around my strengths?

One thing is for sure, we do not live in a one-size fits all world. Having said that, it doesn’t make much sense to use a cookie-cutter approach when creating and developing your business.
While there may be some key components that are similar, a large part of what will make your business successful is to design it around the best parts of you. To do that, we customize the business plan around your skills and abilities, personality style, and values, dreams, and passions.

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