Jo Umberger utilizes a unique blend of training and coaching to provide participant groups with distilled information they can use, to equip them to implement the information on the job, and to train them to calculate the dollar value and intrinsic value of their changes. For over twenty years, Jo has served a highly diverse clientele: Fortune 500 companies and Main Street businesses, executives and new employees, and persons from most regions of the United States and many foreign countries.

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7 Must-Dos for Creating Clear, Concise, Compelling Messages

Avoid blundering and blubbering by using these 7 techniques to make your message easy-to-understand and apply.

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The Power-Packed Paragraph: 5 Keys to Summarizing a BIG IDEA

You want to make sure you cover the important points. The readers (or hearers) have specified that they want only the bottom line. How can you render all that needs to be said in such a small space? Think lean. Each word or picture is inventory and you don’t have a warehouse.

Here are five quick ideas to help:

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