Are You Reminding Others What You Need?

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

“Am I reminding people of what I want?”

This short 3-minute coaching point comes from Steve Straus. You can view the original posting and subscribe directly to his blog here.

Coaching Point: Most of the time people simply need to be reminded of what you want. Not lectured. Not made wrong for not remembering. Simply reminded.

But wait, you might say, what right do I have to tell people what I want? Don’t I have to be of service to others first, then take care of me? Sure. Perhaps. Maybe. Depends on what you feel is important for your life journey.

To truly serve people – not just engage in some mutual neediness-filling – it helps if your cup is full. Giving/serving from a less-than-full cup is tough. It may feel noble, but it drains and diminishes you.

When your cup is filled to overflowing you can give from the overflow with no requirement, nor even intention, of getting something back. That’s full service.

Are you reminding people of what you want?

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