Free Internet Resources for High School Students researching careers

Monday, January 12, 2009

Success Discoveries offers extensive Internet content for career exploration and education option research for high school students. The Resources pages are open to the public, no password required. All content has been reviewed for value and appropriateness before being posted. ”We realized the content we provide on Career Coaching for Students™ career exploration Resources pages is perhaps the best on the web. We could keep it a secret or open it and promote it to career counselors and career exploration curriculum directors as well as to parents. We feel it is a win-win strategy to leave it open. The more people who visit the Career Coaching for Students site, the more that learn about this very effective program for high school students. We hope schools and students (with their parents involvement) are able to leverage the research tools to find passion.” stated Carl Nielson, developer of Career Coaching for Students.
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