Group Tele-Coaching Just Got Better!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Success Discoveries prides itself on continuously improving its offerings and supporting the coaching community. With those two objectives in mind, we felt the recent announcement from Maestro Conferencing was worthy of broadcasting. Want a quick intro to why we like Maestro so much go here:

Since MaestroConference’s promotional pricing ended on September 3, people have been calling and emailing them asking if they’d make any exceptions—to let them get the lower, discounted prices.

Until now, MaestroConference has had to say no. But for the next 60 hours, you can get MaestroConference for as low as $29.97 a month.

Why are they doing this? Two reasons:

Reason #1: During August, a LOT of people were on vacation.
They know this because of the hundreds of “Out of Office”
replies they got every time they sent an email.

They want to give you an opportunity to get the same low
rates that 370 customers took advantage of—especially if
you missed out because you were on vacation.

Reason #2: They’re now ramping up for MaestroMonth 2
starting in late September. And they want to give you one
last chance to lock-in your MaestroConference subscription
before they start rolling out on a larger scale.

Remember, this “2nd Chance” offer ends in 60 hours (at 5
p.m. Pacific on Friday, Sep. 18). Here’s the link to order.

Best regards,

Carl Nielson
Chief Discovery Officer
Success Discoveries