How to Encourage Trustworthiness in Your Relationships

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Success in any relationship requires some willingness to trust people. Whether at work or in your personal life, how can you do a better job of gauging trustworthiness and thereby improve your likelihood of experiencing a successful relationship? Try these tips to prompt trustworthiness in behavior:

  • Be generous. Feelings of gratitude foster trustworthy behavior
    Giving others a reason to feel grateful is a win-win: They benefit in the short term from your generosity, and you reap the rewards of their loyalty
  • Find commonality. Emphasizing common ground increases the likelihood that others will see you as someone with whom it’s possible to build a lasting and beneficial relationship
  • Don’t punish. Threats of punishment can prevent untrustworthy behavior in the moment but can be counterproductive in the long term: others may be less likely to take risks to support you

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