Success Discoveries and The Nielson Group Partner to Provide Unique Outplacement Services

Monday, April 27, 2009

The use of outplacement services by companies forced to layoff workers is growing according to Lee Hecht Harrison. The Nielson Group, parent company to Success Discoveries and provider of organizational development, hiring and leadership effectiveness programs, combines its tools and strategies with the personal touch and professional coaching competencies of Success Discoveries coaches to provide high quality, client-focused job search coaching services to its clients.

Carl Nielson, Managing Principal of The Nielson Group and Chief Discovery Officer of Success Discoveries, states, “We see the current downturn in the economy differently. While some industries are facing a significant slump, our corporate clients tend to be in growth industries. Hiring might be a bit slower but you still have 90+% employment rate in most areas of the country. Finding and talking with key decision makers that have jobs available is not a difficult task when you take an intentional approach to the job search and everything that goes into preparing for that job search. We don’t see a company’s employment site with automated resume capturing to be a very effective strategy for getting your resume in front of the right person. We also don’t see employment agencies and search firms providing the answer either.”

Success Discvoeries and The Nielson Group are combining best practices to help individuals move quickly from unemployed to passionately employed. Our goal isn’t just to help a person find the next job. We see it as our goal to help a person find the next passionate thing to do. To find out more go to our Career Coaching for Adults offering page.

We are now offering, in addition to our career coaching and resume polishing services, a cost-effective new strategy called “Job Search Work Groups” or JSWG (pronounced J-swig). A JSWG is a group of 3 to 10 individuals who meet by tele-conferencing on a frequent, regular basis and facilitated by a Success Discoveries career coach. The entire concept of a JSWG is relatively new and it has proven to be highly effective for participants. In addition, Success Discoveries supports each JSWG with its entire team of coaches. The JSWG Facilitator is a Success Discoveries coach. Any time a client has an issue or question outside the expertise of the Facilitator, the Facilitator will call on the entire Success Discoveries team to help out. “We are very excited about this new offering, especially during this time of need for many people.” states Carl Nielson, Managing Principal of The Nielson Group and Chief Discovery Officer of Success Discoveries. To learn more go to our Career Coaching for Aduls offerings page.