A New Paradigm for Success: Personal Accountability 100-0

When we boil everything down to the essence of what we want, we find one simple truism: we want to experience personal success. Success Discoveries has created the Personal Skill Development Series as an effective strategy that can be used with or without a professional coach. As a self-help program, you’ll find an abundance of learning insights and simple-to-execute exercises that are sure to increase your level of personal success. The option to engage a coach makes this program even more powerful.

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Through our network of coaches helping thousands of people achieve personal and work goals, we've seen the alternative to "CYA", excuses/blaming and justifying. That alternative has made a significant positive difference to achieving personal success. It is a concept elegant in its simplicity.

The Alternative
Here it is: "I am 100% responsible for what happens to me and other people are 0% responsible. Not 50-50, not even 100-100. 100-0!! There is no one else to look to blame. Whatever happens, I did it. Whatever the results, I created it." To paraphrase, I have met the enemy and it is me.

At first many people experience resistance to the 100-0 concept. After all, one can’t control the world or other people, and there are surely times when events and other people affect you. Right?

Most can accept that you have an input, even a significant input, into the results you create, however, to have the sole and exclusive input seemed exaggerated and out of proportion. To the question, "Do I actually believe that I am 100% responsible and everyone else 0% for all my results?", most answer: not really. If you are one of those people, how is that belief system working for you?

The Paradigm Shift - Getting Past Personal Thinking Resistance
Have you ever used the word "putter" when explaining the act of moving slowly and working in small incremental steps toward a specific goal? Puttering is almost directionless. Puttering is slow. Puttering is actually Personal ThoughT Resistance (PTTR or "putter"). It is the first place to focus your energy. Getting past your resistance will happen when the realization occurs that it is not necessary to believe the 100-0 concept, to swallow it whole, in order to use it to your advantage. The crucial point is that being 100% responsible means that you act as if you alone are responsible even though there are things that are beyond your control. You do not wait for your boss, your colleagues, your friends, your subordinates, your spouse or anyone else to assume responsibility for creating a result that YOU want. You are responsible, period. If the desired result gets created, you did it. If it doesn’t, then you failed to do it. Acting as if you are 100% responsible, there is no room for blaming or justifying; there are no excuses, only results. Your posterior and the rest of you are totally exposed, vulnerable and out there.

The payoff for taking this kind of risk is that you create more results that you want in your personal life and in your professional life. You are a more effective human being. The people around you are noticing two benefits: 1) they appreciate the results you are creating, and 2) they like not being blamed for the lack of results and not having to listen to your excuses. The benefit that we notice is that your entire life works better.

Success Discoveries' Personal Skills Development Series™ and Success Discoveries for Me™ offer the most effective programs in the personal development coaching market. If you want success create a shift in your thinking to 100-0.
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