A one-day event or a program that goes deep?

We have a long list of testimonials through The Nielson Group that we are pulling together for this new site. Bare with us. However, one thing we constantly see is new clients asking for a “one-day” program which we call an event.We don’t do events anymore. It doesn’t make sense for the client and we know professionally that it won’t have the kind of impact that gives us satisfaction. Call it integrity or stubbornness but we want what is best for the client. Our clients consistently comment to us that they are also tired of the “event” and very skeptical of shallow programs. Every single client (idnividual and corporate) has given us high marks. A typical testimonial we hear most often is “this was the most practical and personally effective program I’ve participated in.” Our corporate clients come back to us for “continuing the journey” with their management teams. In simple terms, what we offer is highly effective. 

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