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More Passion, More Success, More Satisfaction, More $$

Wouldn’t it be nice to...
  • Expand your career options
  • Narrow your career options
  • Gain clarity on tough career decisions
  • Sharpen your soft skills to leverage your expertise and advance your career
  • Discover how to use the job you hate to move to the career you love
  • Speed up your job search
  • Receive higher $$ offer
  • Create a YOU-nique one of a kind career strategy, not a cookie-cutter process the outplacement firms use
  • Design new solutions to current challenges

Success Discoveries’ Career and Job Search Coaching™ offerings are a refreshing and innovative suite of cost-effective coaching packages designed to create a personal shift and life-long impact. We offer a variety of programs to best address the most common situations:

  • Those actively in transition
  • Those wanting to proactively change jobs (internally or externally)
  • Desire to explore the idea of changing careers without any “external force”

Our coaching strategy sets a person in motion with positive forward movement regardless of the original circumstances.

Our expertise

  1. Talent assessment and career matching
  2. Resume ReWrite™ professional resume writing service that gets results
  3. Self-directed advice and tips resources
  4. Personalized career and job search coaching and advice (from career exploration to networking to job search to interview prep to offer negotiation coaching)

Our career and job search coaching strategies address a wide range of key components to achieve your dreams and experience passion in your career including:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Maximizing your value in the market
  • Personal Fulfillment
  • Purposeful Career Direction
  • Networking
  • Interviewing skills
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From assessing and identifying your talent and how those talents will serve you to setting goals and polishing your resume and interviewing skills. Success Discoveries’ approach offers the level of support that’s best for you.

Success Discoveries™ Job Search Coaching

3-Month Job Search Coaching and Resume Package

What’s included:

  • One-on-one coaching for job search, networking and interviewing skills, negotiations and onboarding
  • Talent assessment to identify and articulate your talents (benefits include self-awareness, confidence boosting, resume enhancement).
  • Resume ReWrite™ - we’ll create a powerful resume and LinkedIn profile to build your personal brand using a proven approach and meticulous attention to detail; includes three cover letters.
  • Success Discoveries online job search resources - an extensive meta-site of rich advice and tips to support everything related to the job search, career management and much more
  • Interview practice
  • Offer negotiation support
  • Onboarding coaching - preparing for and transitioning into the new job.

Everything in one package to conduct an efficient and results-oriented job search with one big, hairy, audacious goal: for you to acquire a job that meets or exceeds your personal goals for the job search. We measure success by time in job search, quality of leads you generate, quality of companies that contact you, quality of offer(s) and general excitement about your new job.

Three Month Package:

  • Executive (Director and above): $2,775
  • Manager or Technical Professional: $1,975
  • Professional/Non-technical: $975
  • Admin/Nondegreed/Entry Level: $875
  • Full Time Student: go here

Did you know? We provide a powerful student career coaching program for high school or college students, . Or visit our Career Coaching for Students website.

Success Discoveries™ Career Coaching

Career Matching and Evaluation Package

Our career matching package includes an extensive talent assessment, career-talent matching analysis, evaluation and career exploration coaching to gain clarity and answer the cornerstone strategic question: “what career options have the greatest potential for delivering a feeling of purpose, success and happiness”.

Through a combination of talent assessment analysis and powerful discovery questioning techniques, we identify and narrow good career options to a smaller list of high-potential options.
For those with some career direction already established, we’ll hone in on ideal companies/industries, niche types of jobs, soft skill development and identifying/removing barriers.

For those who feel they have “no clear options or career direction”, we replace lack of clarity with high-potential options and then help you with the follow-through to pursue the best choice for you.

What’s Included:

  1. Talent assessment package: TriMetrix HD talent assessment
  2. Career matching analysis and investigation - assessment analysis and personal coaching to support evaluation of options and career/job research.
  3. Unlimited virtual coaching sessions
  4. Development of a personal mission statement
  5. E-Book: If I Knew Then: How to Take Control of Your Career & Build the Lifestyle You Deserve, by Bill J. Bonnstetter, former CEO and Chairman, Target Training International, Ltd.
  6. LinkedIn usage strategy and ‘how to’ tutoring
    Package Price:
    • All career levels: $1,595
    • Full Time or Graduating College Students: go here (our offerings for students are provided on the Career Coaching for Students™ website)

    Success Discoveries™

    Executive Outplacement Package

    This is Success Discoveries’ flagship elite service for executives. We partner with you through the entire journey. Studies suggest the average time to secure a next position is about one month for each $10k in compensation. We strive to cut that significantly.


    1. Six months of one-on-one career and job search coaching (unlimited sessions)
    2. Brand Development Package
      • Resume ReWrite™ Package
      • LinkedIn usage strategy, profile makeover and ‘how to’ tutoring
      • Cover letters (unlimited)
      • One Page Executive Bio (the wow factor)
    3. Comprehensive Assessment Suite
    4. Job search strategy and execution tracking tools
    5. Networking strategy development and implementation (includes online social media and in-person networking strategies)
    6. Networking and Interview preparation
    7. Key contact research based on company and job
    8. Job offer and negotiations coaching
    9. Success Discoveries Resources - an extensive meta-site of rich advice and tips to support everything related to career, job search and more
    10. Onboarding and Transitioning Prep - ensuring success in the new job
    11. Unlimited E-Mail support to keep you moving forward
    Six Month Package
    • C-suite Executive: $6,500
    • VP, Director: $5,500
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    Does your company offer outplacement services?
    The Nielson Group, parent of Success Discoveries, offers personalized outplacement services for every employee level. To learn more visit The Nielson Group website or .

    Just need a new resume?

    Learn more about Resume ReWrite.
    Resume ReWrite is our professional resume writing service. We work until it is right, delivered in two formats when complete: MS Word and Adobe PDF formats, SEO optimized for leveraging key word search. Tap link to learn more.

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