“Recent Grad - No Job” Career and Job Search Coaching Program

Did you recently graduate from college and haven't landed that first career job yet?

Starting to panic about your financial situation?

Starting to avoid socializing with friends out of embarrassment about the job search.

All your job applications going into the black hole that companies call an Applicant Tracking System or ATS?

Feeling burned out, hopeless or depressed?


BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS are you ready to start fresh and try something new?

Hello. I’m Carl Nielson, founder of Success Discoveries. I am a talent strategist, organizational development specialist, executive coach and career coach (http://www.successdiscoveries.com for individual services and http://www.nielsongroup.com for corporate/business consulting services).

imageHere at Success Discoveries, LinkedIn Profinder has been a consistent pipeline for new individual clients. I really enjoy talking with the diverse range of people leveraging Profinder to find resume writers and job search and career coaches.


One demographic that is consistently using the Profinder service is the “unemployed recent grad”. In other words, they haven’t landed that first job out of college. Some went on to graduate school and still aren’t having luck finding their first job. Being unemployed and loaded with student debt makes it hard to pay for professional services like mine (even if they have parent support). These recent grads all tell me the campus career service at their college has completely failed them (bitterness is evident from everyone I ask about this).

Because of the number of recent college grads that are still searching for that first career job, and because the situation includes limited financial resources on their part, I’m offering a special low-cost program restricted to those who recently graduated from college and don’t have their first job yet. I’m combining personal one-on-one attention and group coaching where it makes the most sense - to make this affordable.

Here’s what’s included:
1. Talent assessment, 70+ page report and personal debriefing.
2. Resume and LinkedIn workover, LinkedIn training.
3. Personal career coaching.
4. Access to extensive online job search and interviewing resources and tools.
5. Unlimited participation in group webinar coaching sessions (two per week, Monday evening @ 6pm central time and Saturday morning @ 9am central time) where we’ll address any number of topics including interviewing, networking, job search strategy, etc. based on the needs and interests of those on the call.
6. Just-in-time email, text and one-on-one phone coaching (you’ll have access to Carl Nielson’s calendar).

Whether you land a job in two weeks or four months, you’ll be supported all the way.

All of the above for one fee of $358 ($1,500 to $2,495 value). To keep this in perspective, Success Discoveries charges $249 for a recent grad resume plus $109 for the LinkedIn profile ($358 combined).

Once you register, you’ll be automatically sent instructions for completing a ‘new client survey’, taking the Success Discoveries talent assessment and accessing our online resources. You’ll be asked to send any existing resume to Carl and make sure we have your LinkedIn profile URL. You’ll also receive instructions for connnecting into the two weekly job search coaching group sessions which you can begin attending immediately. While you are completing the talent assessment, we are working on creating a first draft of your resume. Once the resume draft is ready for review, you’ll schedule time with Carl Nielson to review your talent assessment results and co-edit your new resume (the polish phase) to ensure it supports your job and career goals. Your new client survey, the talent assessment results and working directly with Carl to finalize your resume allows him to get to know you, your goals and needs. Once the resume is finished, we’ll overhaul your LinkedIn profile and provide a tutorial on how to leverage LinkedIn.

Group coaching has the same level of confidentiality and support as one-on-one coaching with the added value of being part of a group with the same questions and challenges. You’ll hear others discuss their efforts and outcomes in a safe environment. We’ll celebrate together when one in the group lands the job. You will not be required to engage or talk at any time in the group session. How and how much you engage in the group sessions is totally up to you. We meet via our online meeting app, Bluejeans. There may be just you or two or 30 on the group call. As the program grows in popularity (launching June 2018) it will likely have more than 10 on any given call.

To register, tap on the Register Now button. We get started the second you register.

Want to discuss the program with Carl Nielson before signing up? Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consult here.

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