The Personal Develoopment Skills Development Program: How it Works

Upon registering for the Personal Skills Development program, based on the options you selected, you’ll be sent a link to complete a personal talent skills assessment. The results will be presented to you immediately upon completion of the online assessment and also sent to your e-mail address.

We will then contact you to schedule a time for your one-on-one consultation and assessment debriefing (by phone). The goal of the consultation and debriefing is to ensure you are comfortable with the results, answer any questions and coach you on how to use the assessment results to determine a personal skill development strategy. We’ll also show you how to create a personal development plan (PDP) using a simple Internet-based tool.

Once you’ve completed the consultation and determined the best skill development strategy for you, you’re ready to create your PDP and access your customized e-learning library. At this point you have everything needed to start on your development journey. You are also ready to participate in scheduled virtual coaching sessions if you selected a coaching option. Your coach’s schedule and instructions for calling will be provided by e-mail. 

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