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Success Discoveries™ Interview Coaching

Full Journey Interview Coaching or Interview Coaching by the Hour

Interview coaching focuses on three key components: self-awareness, strategic thinking and interview skills. Without self-awareness and strategic thinking, your interview skills won’t produce the results you are expecting. But, with all three, you’ll have the confidence and ability to execute in any interview setting.

We offer two levels of interview coaching:
Option One: Coaching through the Journey - 3-Month Interview Coaching Package ($795)
Option Two: By the Hour Just-In-Time (JIT) Interview Coaching ($150 per hour)

Here is what we bring:

  • Over 30 years of human resource management, hiring, recruiting and interviewing experience
  • Comprehensive understanding from the hiring manager perspective across all career fields, and across all levels from first job out of college to c-suite executive hiring
  • Expert-level talent soft skills knowledge and diagnostics
  • Learning content for interviewing skill development and personal/professional development

Option One: Coaching through the Journey 3-Month Interview Coaching Package provides a true partner in your success from start to finish.

What you receive in Option One 3-Month Interview Coaching Package (tap on Read More)

To build confidence through greater self-awareness and strategic thinking:

  • Talent assessment, 70+ page report about your talents
  • Two-hour assessment debriefing for expanding self-awareness and interview strategy
  • Interview strategy coaching sessions:
    • Three Phases: The Invitation, The Interview, The Follow-Through
    • Four Stages of the Face-to-Face Interview: Introduction, Q&A, Your Questions, Closing
  • Networking strategy coaching (how to use LinkedIn and other networking tools strategically to secure interviews and establish relationships before the interview)
To execute effectively:
  • Interview skills coaching
  • Interview practice sessions (for phone, web-based and face-to-face interviewing)
  • Extensive online resources for interview question response prep
Full Journey 3-Month Interview Coaching Package - $795

Option Two: By-the-Hour Interview Coaching
By the Hour - $150/hour

When you order interview coaching by the hour, you have that expert partner and “insider” to guide you for your most immediate needs. You determine the goal and together we work to achieve your goal with precision and speed.

By the Hour: job search, interview prep and offer negotiations coaching sessions can be as quick as today at your discretion (available Monday - Friday, days and evenings and Saturday mornings).

Have an interview already scheduled that you need to prepare for this week?
Received an offer and want to counter-offer without losing the opportunity?

We’ll focus on whatever your immediate needs are:
  1. Job search strategy and execution
  2. Interviewing preparation
  3. Networking strategy development and implementation (includes online social media and in-person networking strategies)
  4. Job offer and negotiations coaching

  5. Also included:
    • Success Discoveries Resources - an extensive online meta-site of rich advice and tips to support everything related to interviewing, career, job search and more

    How to order and schedule by-the-hour services
    Go to our secure shopping cart to purchase the number of coaching hours desired. Upon completion of purchase, you will be redirected to our calendar to schedule a convenient call time for your first coaching session. You can purchase multiple hours and schedule them at at the same time or at a later date.

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