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About Resume ReWrite™

imageResume ReWrite™ by Success Discoveries is the gold standard for professional resume writing services. We combine extensive professional writing, editing and branding expertise with extensive corporate human resource management experience to create highly effective, results-oriented resumes.

The greatest quote we've read online:
"If you can read and write - you can put a resume together. Everyone knows that."
We felt sorry for the person who wrote that. They were unemployed.

When is it time to invest in professional resume writing services?

"When you realize that your personal stability and professional future are at stake and you’ve admitted to yourself that resume writing is not your strength." Martin Yate, author of Knock 'em Dead The Ultimate Job Search Guide.
Your resume is THE critical marketing tool for any job search. It is also the foundation from which to build your social media platform. It serves as your brand ambassador, makes you visible to talent acquisition professionals and recruiters and opens doors within your extended network.

Right or wrong, your resume will dictate whether you get interviews or not. Without interviews there are no job offers. Quite simply, it’s the most financially important document you will ever own.
We think writing a resume is serious business that requires an understanding of how recruitment and hiring strategies affect resumes and how a resume affects a person's reaction to you. It demands the highest level of professional writing skills (equal to those of a professional technical writer) and the clarity of objective analysis to decide how best to package you as a commodity. It requires unique writing skills that most resume writers don't possess.

Creating an excellent resume doesn't just happen. It takes time and thought to determine how best to package the professional "you". It takes time to write, format, edit, edit again with your input and then polish the final document. Schedule a Q&A call with Carl Nielson

Schedule a complimentary phone consult
with Carl Nielson:

Resume writing is a VERY labor-intensive process - because it is mission-critical to your job search. As with most things in life, “you get what you pay for” is a truism with resume writing.
Unfortunately some of our clients paid another resume service before they were referred to us. We hate those stories. While the fee paid was basically wasted, the bigger loss has to do with the missed job opportunities and lost time in the job search. To be candid, we are surprised by the poor quality of many professionally produced writers.

We encourage you to research and compare for yourself. We are a team of two that provides you with personalized attention. Here is what we offer:

  • Extensive experience in human resource management, including recruiting, hiring, high-potential employee development, executive development coaching and career and job search coaching
  • Extensive experience in professional technical, marketing and resume writing and honors graduate in English from a major university
  • One-on-one engagement throughout the process
  • A proven resume format that gets results
The result is a resume that actually opens the door to more and better job opportunities - in less time and with potentially higher earnings - assuming you have good professional skills to begin with and that you learn how to leverage the resume effectively in your job search.

What we’ve learned about having a great resume - a small study in human psychology

A powerful resume creates a sense of self pride. You feel more confident, think more clearly and perform better under the pressure of an interview setting. As one client described, ”I was much more confident and authentic. It was a big difference.”

By going through our process, you will gain increased self-awareness. With greater self-awareness, you’ll have a much easier time articulating your personal brand. You’ll also find you have better insight into career management issues that you can leverage for many years.

What do professionally prepared resumes typically cost?

We know that many resume writing services offer resumes for $200 - $300. If price is all that matters to you (quality and results don’t matter), you’ll have plenty of choices.

“I thought I had a pretty good resume already. Wow! How wrong I was. It makes me wish I could take back all the resumes I already sent out - and received no response. Now I think I know why.”

“I wanted to let you know I submitted my new resume to a company I had submitted my old resume to four months ago. No response last time. This time, I received a phone call the next morning. Coincidence? I’m thinking not!”

An outstanding service for a reasonable price.

How can we prove it?

Our Guarantee

We promise to work with you until you are fully satisfied with your resume. If at any time you feel the work we provided wasn’t worth it, you simply request a refund and we’ll quickly refund your fee minus the initial 10% credit card processing cost. The feedback we get has been 100% positive - many of our clients call to report their exciting news that they got the job of their dreams or a new job with significant increase in pay or simply that they are consistently getting interviews now - and - our clients are quick to refer us to friends and family.

Our Service - Steps to Take

  • Step One - Complete the purchase using the secured shopping cart.
    • Complete the New Client Fast Start survey.
    • Submit your current resume and work history detail and any other content you have.
  • Step Two - Schedule a convenient time to talk with Carl Nielson by phone so he can get to know you and your detailed background and so he can answer any questions you have.
  • Step Three - Carl and his editing partner, Tina, will work to create a customized “first draft” of your resume.
  • Step Four - You and Carl will continue to meet by phone interactively to fill in and strengthen the resume. Between each interactive co-editing session, Tina will review and edit changes for correctness (quality control step).
We then polish and load the resume with key words for ATS SEO optimization. When completed, you’ll receive a Microsoft Word version of your resume and a PDF version with embedded key words to help with search engine optimization and company job posting systems that scan for key words.

Pricing and FAQs

Schedule a call
Do you offer a complimentary phone session before I decide to buy?
Yes, to schedule an appointment with Carl Nielson simply tap on the phone graphic and pick a convenient time on his calendar. The appointment goes directly onto his calendar and you’ll receive a reminder as well. The appointment confirmation email will have the call-in instructions.

How many sessions or how much time does the fee include?
We don’t count sessions or minutes. We keep working with you until you are satisfied.

Is there a duration limit?
We don’t have a duration limit per se for the project. We keep working as long as you are responding and working with us. If we don’t hear back from you for a while, we simply place your project on hold. We’ll pick up where we left off upon your response. Once you are satisfied with the resume, we still support any editing needs for up to 12 months from our start date. Remember, we want you satisfied and successful. We recognize there may be a need to update the resume a few months down the road.

How many pages of tailored resume does the fee cover?
We don’t count pages and we don’t count words. Opinions differ about resume length. We believe, based on your years of work experience, one, two or even three pages can be warranted. We’ll advise you on this issue as we develop your resume. Some clients want the traditional resume which can be two or three pages. In addition, some have an additional need for what we refer to as a one-pager. We’ll explain the uses and differences for the one-pager if that is something you feel you need. The additional one-pager resume is an add-on option with a nominal fee. Ask and we’ll show you examples of our traditional resume format and one-pager style.

Have you ever had a dissatisfied customer?
We have not had a single dissatisfied customer. If we do, we’ll be sure to change this answer.

Success Discoveries Resume ReWrite™ Services - Our Pricing

  • Executive resume - $589
  • Manager or technical professional resume - $529
  • Professional non-technical resume - $439
  • Administrative, entry-level, recent grad** - $249
  • Student - $199
**Recent Grads go here for resume/LinkedIn/coaching package.

Add-On Offerings (additional fee)

  • LinkedIn profile development - $109
  • Powerful cover letter package
    • 3 cover letters - $129
    • Unlimited for 3 months - $299
  • One-page Bio - $199
  • Comprehensive Talent Assessment and Debriefing - $549
  • 24-hour turnaround - $500

Add-On Coaching Sessions

(also see Career and Job Search Coaching packages)
with Carl Nielson

  • Three-session package - $250
  • Six-session package - $450


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