Our New Student Career Website Helps Students, Parents and Licensed Facilitators

We’ve officially launched the new Career Coaching for Students™ website. One of the features of the new site is a Student Resource area that is only seen by registered students. To see the Student Resources button on the main menu, you’ll need to login. Also, we now have a Facilitator’s Only section that is seen on the main menu when a Licensed Facilitator logs in.

Another enhancement on the new website is the ability to highlight our licensed facilitators that have completed the extensive training and are delivering the program. Feel free to visit our Find a Facilitator page. The link is at the bottom of the website. You’ll also find other links there that will be of interest if you are a coach or in some way interested in providing career counseling and coaching to students in high school and college.

We are very excited about our new website for Career Coaching for Students™. It is only the beginning. Enhancements to the new site will continue.

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