Cost-Effective, High Powered Strategy for Achieving Personal Satisfaction and Success

The Personal Skill Development Series is an ALL NEW "best-in-class" program for achieving personal success. We've designed a cafeteria-style program that allows anyone to get started and use this high-powered content with or without our coaching services - and without breaking the bank.

We offer a unique combination of talent assessments supported by personal skill e-learning modules along with one-on-one coaching options. You mix and match to create the program that works for you. The result is a powerful, cost-effective strategy for achieving personal success.

This is for you if you are seeking:

  • “best-in-the-industry” assessments to increase self-awareness, identify the shortest path to personal success, guide your personal development plan and focus on the right learning content that fits your particular needs
  • self-paced development environment for self development - go at the pace that works for you
  • convenient, customizable tele-coaching options - we provide coaching to anyone anywhere in the world.
  • one-on-one coaching options to match any budget

You are unique, with special skills and strengths…and most likely some blind spots or challenges that you would like to improve and turn into strengths.

If you could pinpoint specific personal development goals and develop a detailed development plan for achieving personal success, how valuable would that be to your work life, your personal life? Our assessments help you target the personal skills you want to develop and strengthen. Our personal skills e-learning modules allow you to focus on your personal development needs.

The Personal Skill Development Series provides convenient, affordable results-oriented coaching that is completely customized to each individual participant and that is delivered through e-learning and group tele-coaching to accommodate the busy lives of the participants. One-on-one coaching options are also available.

This program is designed to meet YOUR needs the way you need to be supported.

Our cafeteria-style approach allows you to choose based on your needs. No option is dependent on any other option. The optional components of the Personal Skill Development Series include:

  1. Personal Skill Assessment - choose which report focus best fits your interests:
    1. Personal Skills 23 Report
    2. Personal Talent Skills Strengths/Weaknesses Coaching Report
    3. Personal Talent Skills for Building Emotional Intelligence
    4. Personal Talent Skills for Health Care Professionals
    5. Personal Talent Skills for Customer Service Professionals
    6. Personal Talent Skills for Sales Professionals
    7. Personal Talent Skills for Sales Management
    8. Personal Talent Skills for Leadership/Management
    9. Personal Talent Skills for Career Transition and Fresh Grads
  2. Behaviors and Motivational Driving Forces Assessment - Know your talents, leverage your talents, neutralize your weaknesses
  3. Personal Assessment Debriefing and Development Plan - Get the most out of your reports with a personal assessment debriefing and professional development plan provided by a certified personal life and career coach. One-on-one debriefings and consultation to help you develop a personalized skill development strategy
  4. Personal Skills E-Learning Library-Your personal library of skill development lessons. Each skill lesson includes a short web-based presentation, downloadable pdf workbook with development exercises and downloadable audio of the lession in MP3 format.
  • One-on-one personal coaching plans - number of sessions per month to meet your needs.

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