More Business, More Job Opportunites, Fast Start Program for Effective Networking

Success Discoveries for Effective Networking™ is offered as a narrowly defined coaching package to help anyone wanting to create a strategy to expand their personal and professional network. We personally coach you via phone on building and leveraging your network and guide you on how to set up a LinkedIn® online networing account (or provide tips on how to improve the one you have).

We provide you with tips and techniques for getting the most out of both online social networks and your personal and professional networks (organizations, groups, etc.) for maximum benefit. Whether you are wanting to expand opportunities for your business, find a job, find a pool of applicants for an open position, find a mate, or just become more connected, we become your partner for moving in the right direction quickly and easily.

What you get

  • 60 minutes of on-phone live coaching to guide you through how to get setup with LinkedIn® and how to build a personal brand and engage your network to achieve short and long term goals..
  • We’ll discuss your goals, what you are doing currently for networking and how and where to enhance “real-time” networking opportunities.
  • Success Discoveries goal setting document template to establish personal goals for networking.
  • Assistance with how to effectively use the goal setting template to create success.
  • Help with identifying untapped “real-time” networking opportunities.
  • Coach you around how to network in “real-time”.
  • How to fully leverage your online social network.

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