The Career Exploration Program for Students

Career Coaching for Students™ became so big, we gave it a website of its own.

Career Coaching for Students™ is the program that students in high school or college prefer to gain clarity around their talent and learn about great-fit career choices and the steps to get there.

The program is:
  • The centerpiece for career coaches and school career counselors
  • A program that students and their parents can do in partnership at home
  • Superior to anything being offered in today’s high schools and colleges
The in-home, self-directed program includes three hours of one-on-one webinar-style tele-coaching to ensure completion and value of steps 1 - 8 of the program.

The program is excellent for:
  • Group workshops
  • Individual home use by parents with their son or daughter
  • School administrators, guidance counselors and teachers as part of a semester class curriculum
  • Ready-made college career center career coaching program
Two versions are available:
  • High school version for incoming 9th graders to 12th graders
  • College student version for freshman through recent college graduates
Career Advisor certification training is available.

There are a number of programs geared towards helping students “qualify” for college with very little “career direction” sprinkled in. Career Coaching for Students™ is foundational and inspires students to find their passion, establish goals and create action plans to achieve success.

For a complete syllabus:

If you are a decision-maker within a school system or college career center, please contact us by calling (972) 346-2892 or .

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