Train-the-Trainer Program Now Open

Attention Coaches, Teachers and Guidance Counselors: Free Train-the-Trainer Distance Learning Workshop for Minimum Order of 25 Student Guidebooks

Summer 2009 Class Starts June 22

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Now that version 3.0 of the student guidebook is out the door we are receiving many requests for the Train-the-Trainer workshop. I am very pleased to announce a program that is designed to create a fast-start for anyone just beginning with the Career Coaching for Students™ program. We’re timing the Train-the-Trainer program to give everyone a head start for this coming Fall.

What’s Included:
  • Free 24-hour interactive distance learning workshop (equivelant of three full days of intensive training)
  • Facilitator Guide (1 per order of 25 guidebooks)
  • One Sample Student Guidebook
  • Discounted price on initial order of student guidebooks (minimum purchase of 25 student guidebooks required)

What you’ll learn
  • To effectively deliver all steps presented in student guidebook
  • How to customize the curriculum to meet your needs
  • The DISC assessment and behavioral model
  • The PIAV motivators assessment and model
  • How to debrief the assessment results to create student engagement and self-wisdom
  • How to motivate the non-motivated student
  • When and How to integrate RoadTrip Nation video segments
  • How to market the program, use the marketing collateral and leverage the Success Discoveres website
  • How to coach instead of teach
  • How to coach parents
  • How to leverage all of the resources on the Career Coaching for Students™ Resources website
  • How to help students find people in the career of interest or obtain job shadowing opportunities
  • How to support students beyond the scope of the program
  • How to leverage referrals

Carl Nielson, the creator of the Career Coaching for Students™ program will be conducting all training. Carl is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and Certified Professional Values Analyst and is also certified to provide DISC and PIAV certification training. Carl will make it easy to pass the exams for those wanting to become certified in the use of the two assessments used in the Career Coaching for Students™ program.

What is distance learning?
Distance learning is similar to webinars. We’ll be using Maestro for the tele-conferencing and for desktop screen sharing. These two technologies work in tandem to deliver the ideal distance learning environment. The experience will be as good as or better than the traditional hotel-based workshop format without the cost. 
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