The Career Exploration Program for Students

Career Coaching for Students™ became so big, we gave it a website of its own.

Career Coaching for Students™ is the program where students in high school or college gain clarity around their talent and learn about great-fit career choices and the steps to get there.

The program is:
  • The centerpiece for high school students, career coaches and school career counselors
  • A program that students and their parents can leverage in partnership at home
  • A program that integrates professionally facilitated career guidance and self-directed, student-driven work

The standard program includes four hours of one-on-one personal coaching to ensure value.

The program is excellent for:
  • group workshops
  • Individual home use by parents with their son or daughter
  • School administrators, guidance counselors and teachers as part of a semester class curriculum
  • Ready-made college career center career coaching program
Two versions are available:
  • High school version for incoming 9th graders to 12th graders
  • College student version for freshman through recent college graduates
Career Advisor certification training is available.

There are a number of programs geared towards helping students “qualify” for college with very little “career direction” sprinkled in. Career Coaching for Students™ is foundational and inspires students to find their passion, establish goals and create action plans to achieve success.

For a complete syllabus:

If you are a decision-maker within a school system or college career center, please contact us by calling (972) 346-2892 or .

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Student Career Coaching Website Helps High School Students, Parents and Student Career Coaches

Career Coaching for Students™ features information and student resources.

We also offer a list of student career coaches who are licensed facilitators of the Career Coaching for Students program. Licensed career coaches have completed extensive training and are delivering the program to students anywhere in the country and across the globe. Also, while you are there, visit our Find a Coach page. You’ll also find links to student career coaching resources, articles, student career videos, motivational videos and much more that are highly valued by students, career counselors, career coaches, career guidance counselors and parents.

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Top 10 Reasons Career Coaching for Students™ is Better

Better than Kuder™, Choices™, Naviance™, ACT Discover™, XAP™, Sigi™ or Bridges™? The Career Coaching for Students™ program is different. 

Career Coaching for Students™ puts the emphasis on the student, not the process. Any process can be automated. Helping a student understand their strengths and talents is key to applying those strengths and talents to career exploration. We focus first on those things that need to be considered before choosing a career or selecting a college. We just happen to also have the best online resources for researchig careers and finding and investigating post-high school educational options.

  1. Career Coaching for Students™ is the only program that uses the same highly reliable assessments that companies use to identify and select talent to build world-class organizations (see parent company The Nielson Group for more on corporate hiring for fit and organizational development).
  2. When compared to their in-school offering, students consistently report that Career Coaching for Students™ is more tangible. They consistenly rate this program head and shoulders above the school programs - more credible, impactful, meaningful and engaging as a program.
  3. Students benefit from focused step-by-step tasks and personalized research strategies
  4. Career Coaching for Students™ assessment reports provide valid and reliable information that students are able to readily understand and accept
  5. Career Coaching for Students™ serves as a high-octane fueled vehicle for students to build confidence and begin finding, engaging and networking with successful people in their chosen career of interest.
  6. Career Coaching for Students™ takes an intentional process that puts priorities in the right order: self-awareness ⇒ talent identification ⇒ talent matching ⇒ career exploration and investigation ⇒ career focusing ⇒ educational requirements and strategies ⇒ educational planning ⇒ action plan development
  7. Career Coaching for Students™ includes exercises that engage the whole student.
  8. Career Coaching for Students™ uses the WICR Method of learning and instruction.
  9. Unlike other programs that collect and sell student information to their marketing partners, Career Coaching for Students™ upholds strict privacy policies and does not sell or share student information with anyone.
  10. Career Coaching for Students™ assessments are available in 22 languages.

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College Graduation Rates of 53%? Is there a systemic problem here?

USA Today offers an excellent article about college graduation rates. To read the full article go here.

PARENTS - You need to read this. Help students find their passion!

Success Discoveries is putting together a Career Coaching for Students™ tele-webinar workshop for students - no geographic boundaries. We’ll be using Maestro for group tele-conferences and for viewing the facilitator’s screen. All you need is a phone, a computer with Internet connection and registration. Online registration form coming soon. or to be notified of upcoming dates of tele-webinars.

Unique Corporate Perq for Employees with High School Students?

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Train-the-Trainer Program Now Open

Attention Coaches, Teachers and Guidance Counselors: Free Train-the-Trainer Distance Learning Workshop for Minimum Order of 25 Student Guidebooks

Summer 2009 Class Starts June 22

Click here to see full list of Summer 2009 session dates and to get enrolled today

Now that version 3.0 of the student guidebook is out the door we are receiving many requests for the Train-the-Trainer workshop. I am very pleased to announce a program that is designed to create a fast-start for anyone just beginning with the Career Coaching for Students™ program. We’re timing the Train-the-Trainer program to give everyone a head start for this coming Fall.

What’s Included:
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Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas Bring Career Coaching for Students to Youth

Success Discoveries is very pleased to announce the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas is now implementing the Career Coaching for Students™ program at the various clubs throughout the greater Dallas area. This program’s goal is to provide students in high school with the opportunity to engage in meaningful career exploration that works to leverage individual talent and aligns the students’ interests with careers.

“We are very pleased to be a part of the Boys and Girls Clubs offerings” stated Carl Nielson, founder of Success Discoveries and developer of the Career Coaching for Students program. “This is a powerful program that gives students an advantage at a critical point in their transition to adulthood. From the assessments to the 18 steps of the program, students will see their future with more clarity, a greater sense of purpose and an inner drive to pursue their dreams.”

The following post is about the broader “Be a Star” program for the Boys and Girls Club. Contact your local Boys and Girls Club to see how you can help this great organization.

LOS ANGELES, May 20 Lopez-joins-BGCA-ads
EXTRA Host Mario Lopez Unveils New “BE A STAR” Billboard on Sunset; Encourages Youth to “BE GREAT.”

LOS ANGELES, May 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/—As part of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s (BGCA) new advocacy campaign - BE GREAT - longtime TV star and Boys & Girls Club alum Mario Lopez today unveiled a new billboard on Sunset Boulevard featuring his childhood picture and the aspirational message - BE A STAR.  Lopez joins some 25 prominent alumni in the new advocacy campaign to help increase public awareness and understanding about the key issues facing America’s youth, and the positive impact of Clubs.

From academic failure and gang violence to poverty, drugs and obesity, America’s young people face a daunting array of problems - with serious consequences and fewer safety nets at home and in the community. 

According to a 2007 BGCA alumni survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 57 percent of alumni reported, “The Club saved my life,” while another 28 percent credited Boys & Girls Clubs with keeping them in school.

“Growing up in the Club gave me the opportunity to explore many interests and talents, including wrestling and dancing, that have profoundly influenced my life,” said Lopez. “The staff at the Club kept us focused, and instilled virtues and traits in us that remain to this day. I am excited to get this message out about the impact Boys & Girls Clubs have on young people, because I’m one of them.”

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Does This Sound Like Your Situation?

by Carl Nielson

I am always asking parents what their experience has been to this point with their son or daughter and the career exploration process. Here is what one parent told me just yesterday in an e-mail. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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High School guidance counselors spend less than 30% of time helping students plan for college

This post is inspired by a posting from The Plain Dealer Metro on (see link to article at end of this post)

Ask Lori Gill Hughes about what she does as the lone guidance counselor at Cardinal High School, and she will barely take time for a breath as she runs through the list:

  • Get out the word about scholarships and make sure applicants meet the deadlines.
  • Send out transcripts and recommendations for college applications.
  • Look into tutoring and summer school for failing students.
  • Schedule students for next year’s classes.
  • Oversee state testing.
  • Coordinate orientation at the beginning of the year and an awards ceremony at the end.
  • Deal with any problems kids bring to her office . . .
”I just jump from one thing to another all day long,” Hughes said. “I’m the only counselor for 440 students and I don’t even have secretarial help.”

Hughes is hardly alone in her frustration, according to a report released today by the Michigan-based Joyce Ivy Foundation. After surveying almost a third of Ohio’s 1,500-plus high school counselors, the report concluded they handle so many duties and so many students that they can’t focus on guiding their charges toward college or career training after graduation. [see link to full article at end of this post]

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How early to start career planning?

St. Paul, Minn. — Gov. Pawlenty’s Workforce Development Council says one way to improve the state’s economy is to have high school students choose their career path in the ninth grade. How early to start career planning? Minnesota’s Public Radio Broadcast: Midmorning with Kerri Miller, 02/06/2009, 9:06 a.m. discusses the pros and cons of early career planning. Educators weigh in on the merits of the proposal.

Here’s the wording of the proposed Minnosota policy.
“Every Minnesota learner will, from no later than ninth grade, have a plan, reviewed at least annually, to guide him/her through high school and beyond into competitive employment and postsecondary education. The plan will be implemented gradually, becoming a graduation requirement with the graduating class of 2014.”

Jim Bierma: Lead counselor of Minneapolis public schools.
Randall Hansen: Founder of Quintessential Careers, a career development Web site, and has taught at the college level for more than 15 years.
Marc Scheer: Researcher, educational consultant, and career counselor with a Ph.D. in counseling psychology. His book is called “No Sucker Left Behind: Avoiding the Great College Rip-off.”

To listen to the broadcast, click on the Minnesota Public Radio logo.

Broadcast: Midmorning with Kerri Miller, How Early to Start Career Planning Audio 02/06/2009, 9:06 a.m.

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When I Grow Up

By Carl Nielson, developer of Career Coaching for Students™
A Personal Blog Entry By College Student Ashley Hoornstra

Hello and welcome to Success Discoveries and more specifically, Career Coaching for Students™.

So many high school and college students have the perception that finding one’s self/career has to be completely left to chance. The assessment tests used by schools are very suspect. 

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