Success Discoveries for Couples™

A Great Gift for Couples

Success Discoveries for Couples™ is a ”fun”, ”insightful” and ”truly helpful” self-directed program for anyone in an established intimate relationship. [If you are engaged to be married or recently married, check out Success Discoveries for Newlyweds.]

What makes it unique is its engaging design that provides both of you with accurate insights about the other that help you recognize, appreciate and adapt to each other as a person in a way that brings more love into the relationship and less conflict.

This isn’t a heavy psycho-therapy guide, nor is it a simple “how to” article found in tabloids at the grocery store.

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Success Discoveries for Couples™ is the combination of a highly insightful assessment “about each of you” and a comparison report “about the two of you” with an easy-to-follow relationship guide. We haven’t seen anything like it on the market which is why we created it. Pragmatic in its approach, Success Discoveries for Couples™ combines the best in personality assessments with fun, easy-to-follow steps to building and maintaining an awesome relationship.

Our approach:

  • Learn about yourself
  • Learn about your partner
  • Recognize and appreciate each other’s personality trait differences like how you like to communicate and what motivates you
  • Adapt without changing who you are
  • Experience meaningful closeness
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Enjoy a better physical relationship

Wouldn’t a “User Manual” for your partner be helpful?

GUYS - You’ll enjoy this as much as she will - we promise!

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We’ve put our best coaching strategies, knowledge, expert experience and assessments into a self-directed program simply called Success Discoveries for Couples™ that grabs you and doesn’t let go. If you are in a committed relationship and are wanting to be a better lover, better listener, have greater empathy, be more engaged with your spouse - and find the happiness that is there - this is the program for both of you.


  • For one couple - $149 per couple (that’s $74.50 per person)
  • Keepsake package (additional $69, scroll down for details)
For Marriage Coaches
  • For 2 to 5 couples - 10% discount
  • For 6 or more couples - 25% discount

“The program is a fun, tangible, easy and insightful approach to a highly engaging set of activities that takes an appreciative approach to becoming closer than you ever thought possible. Easily applied in newlywed or new relationship situations as well as 20+ year committed relationships.”

As one person in a 40+ year marriage and just reviewing the content in the personal guide for the first time stated, “This is pretty incredible. After 40+ years of marriage, I didn’t know the answer to many of the questions in the 101 Questions to Ask Each Other section. We had really fun breakthroughs.”

A marriage counselor stated “This is a beautiful program. I am using this for weekend couples retreats and recommend it strongly as a self-directed program for those that can’t swing the investment of the weekend retreat.” This program has activities for both beginner level and advanced relationship use.”

One of the greatest researchers into marriage and couples relationships is Dr. Julie and John Gottman and The Gottman Relationship Institute. Dr. John Gottman has several videos on YouTube. We’re sharing a few here. Dr. Gottman’s research emphasizes and validates the strategic approach we’ve taken with the Success Discoveries for Couples program.

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