Improving Your Quality of Life

Personal Mission Statement for You, Inc.

Do you have a personal mission in life? in your work?

The Success Discoveries team has combined the power of the most accurate and meaningful behavioral style assessments and personal motivators assessment with an online Personal Mission Statement Builder that takes you through the process of building your own personal mission statement in as little as 30 minutes.

This proprietary tool and methodology has resulted in an exciting and easy-to-follow program for putting you on track to accomplishing what you want out of life.

My Personal/Life Mission Program is a sophisticated yet simple step-by-step approach that takes you through a meaningful and effective process of learning more about yourself and applying those learnings to writing an exciting, passion-filled personal mission statement that will put focus into your life.

The result is a roadmap that you can follow to create fulfillment and happiness. “This was the most incredible experience. I didn’t expect it. It went way beyond my expectations.” stated a recent client. Now it is up to you.

My Personal/Life Mission program has been designed so anyone can benefit from some of the best tools in the personal coaching market, still have access to a professional coach and not break the bank.

Most adults can’t imagine how to begin writing, much less finishing and actually applying a personal mission statement to their life. Even though it is one of the most recommended steps to increasing personal satisfaction and goal achievement, very few people actually do it. Why is that?