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Success Discoveries is a personal coaching service that helps people find greater fulfillment in their life and careers by developing clarity, establishing  goals, creating a plan and overcoming obstacles 

Our Core Purpose

To support you in

...finding your voice

...inspiring others to find their voice

in Work, in Life, in Relationships

Why us


Success Discoveries is the culmination of professional coaching and human resource management experience, talent analysis expertise, career management insights and social media best-practices. We offer 30+ years of career management insights that makes us ready to be your partner throughout your journey.


Carl Nielson is a nationally recognized career management coach and talent strategist who provides personalized one-on-one attention. You'll work directly with Carl.

Where. When.

All coaching services are delivered in a virtual setting. That means convenience for you. We also recognize you may not be available during 'normal' business hours. We offer times regardless of time zone to suit any schedule, including early mornings, evenings and even Saturday mornings. 

Our assessments are administered through an online easy-to-use system.

Job Search Coaching

Success Discoveries' job search coaching package is designed to provide everything needed to achieve your goals. And we mean everything.

Resume Writing and Personal Branding

Yes, it's about form, function and effectiveness. But a resume and LinkedIn profile are so much more than that. We strive for results. To get results, a resume and LinkedIn profile need to be concise, meaningful, chronological, consistent and correct.

Personal Development

Here are just a few of the more popular areas of focus:

  • Career clarity and direction
  • Workplace stress, work-life balance
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership development

We offer a customized approach to just about everything - except marriage counseling - but we've been known to help marriages too. 

About Carl Nielson

Carl Nielson started his professional career in human capital management (HCM). Little did he know, but his future was being defined when he was a senior undergraduate at Texas A&M University studying organizational psychology. It is there he stumbled into the science of using talent insights and data analytics to predict success. After a successful  20-year career in HCM (also known as human resource management), Carl launched his own consulting firm (The Nielson Group) in 2001 to address severe gaps he saw in the total talent management lifecycle of corporations. A few years later, he founded Success Discoveries to address the needs of individuals. Today, Carl helps a diverse range of clients from executives at the highest levels in global organizations to students in high school and college through both The Nielson Group and Success Discoveries.

While The Nielson Group focuses on organizational and leadership development needs, Success Discoveries focuses on the individual who wants to fulfill their potential. Carl also developed Career Coaching for Students™, a program for high school and college students.

"I've served clients in pretty much every industry and career field that you can think of. That is part of the attraction for what I do."

Carl Nielson - Your Coach

What You’ll Get 

100% dedication.

Whether you just need a professionally produced resume or comprehensive career analysis and coaching, Carl focuses on you and your goals. 

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  • Personal Development
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