Career Coaching for Students is the premier student career guidance program valued by students, parents, career coaches, administrators and guidance counselors in high schools and colleges.

For High School or College Students

Career Coaching for Students is the only program offering students the opportunity to complete the same assessments used by employers in the hiring process to measure the match between talent and job. Because of the higher validation and reliability standards required in the employer hiring process, our assessments carry an entirely higher level of quality, validity and reliability compared to assessments developed to serve the academic market. We’ve also worked directly with TTI Success Insights to develop a superior student talent-career report that you won’t find anywhere else.

Why is career coaching important for students?

Career coaching can help the student gain greater self-awareness of their talents, interests, values and passions to more effectively determine which careers and jobs to consider, which major(s) or trade to consider, which classes to take, which university to consider and which internships to apply for, in order to establish a strategy that leads to the right career for personal success and satisfaction.

We start with quality career-focused talent assessments.

We use the same assessments as employers so that students experience accurate and in-depth relevance from the reports. Our Talent Insights-Career® assessment report by TTI Success Insights is designed to significantly increase self-awareness, expose the richness of the students’ talents and provide a more meaningful connection between their talent and potential careers. In all, the student receives an insightful, easy-to-read comprehensive report about their talents.

A student career guidance system that promotes engagement.

The student guidebook provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step process for student, parent and facilitator that promotes career exploration.

The student guidebook helps the student through the entire career and education journey. In this time of “all online” solutions, we believe something critical is missing: the ability to touch and use valuable information for an extended period beyond the actual duration of the program. Students and parents alike consistently state they will keep and use the student guidebook and assessment report for many years.

A meta site of supporting information resources.

As part of the program, students have access to Student Resource Central, another key part of our total quality strategy. This one-stop Internet resource offers vetted quality information, career and post-secondary research tools and content:

• 30 high-quality marketing-free sites for Career Research
• 14 high-quality, marketing-free educational institution research sites that are effective at matching a students different career interests to “best fit” educational options
• 19 links to support the program’s exercises, motivate the student, provide useful tips and techniques for the entire journey, find financial aid and scholarships and prepare for the ACT and SAT tests.

We come to you.

Career Coaching for Students can be customized and delivered in a classroom, workshop or one-on-one format including a student-parent family format in a virtual setting. We’ve delivered the program to thousands of individual families in the comfort and privacy of their own home using the latest in virtual meeting technology (we were doing it way before the pandemic made Zoom a household word).

Institutional Offering

Career Coaching for Students is available for use within university career centers and college guidance centers.

Institutional branding is Important.

The program can be private-labeled including the guidebook, the online assessment administration center and student talent reports.

The college version is ready as-is for use with your students. All we need to do is customize with your logo/branding information. However, many colleges and universities desire an integrated approach with in-house content that has already been developed and implemented. We work with you to customize all components to meet your needs and goals.

Delivery Support to Meet Any Need and Any Budget.

We offer both career counselor training for in-house delivery and direct student-facing delivery support. We support you behind the scenes and can be an extension of your full-time staff for an optimized solution at the lowest possible cost.

About the Creator

Starting in 2005, Carl Nielson, a career coach and executive development coach with a corporte organizational development/human resource management background, was consistenly asked by his clients to “coach their kids” who were either in high school or college. These families had experienced the “online solutions” that schools were offering. They had also experienced the lack of counselor expertise and time to provide effective career guidance. These requests from his adult clients led to the discovery that the programs being offered by schools and colleges had serious flaws starting with the assessments they were using. “We might not be able to solve the time/cost challenge faced by most schools but we can certainly create a program that works better than what is currently being provided to students.” stated Carl back when he was investigating the state of the career guidance industry. As of 2020, those same observations about the online solutions hasn’t changed. “Too many clients were asking for assistance for their kids for me to ignore the issues. My own kids were entering that key age where career exploration was becoming critical. So I took it on. Head on. Today, Career Coaching for Students is the result of several years of development, research and practice experience in delivery of the program. Many colleges are now recognizing their career guidance program is woefuly deficient. For that reason, we’ve come out with a “college version” that is highly effective for anyone from incoming Freshman undergraduates to first year advanced degree students.

What students have to say about the career assessment and workshop

It motivates me to take more control of my career goals. It also made me recognize interest in certain career paths that I haven’t considered before. Overall, it was an insightful experience that answered a lot of questions that I didn’t even know I had.

College Student

I believe that it is helpful to gauge and understand your own thinking better when applying and looking for the right job to fit you.

College Student

I think the assessment is a great way to gain different perceptions about yourself. You are an expert on yourself as a whole, and sometimes that gets in the way of seeing the unique pieces you have to offer.

College Student

It goes into depth about your strengths and weaknesses, qualities you need to know when it comes to applying it to working or succeeding in school.

College Student

It helped gain insight on not only what I do but WHY. I have 4 motivators above the baseline and was so relieved to know why I always found difficulty in choosing what I want to do. Now i know what to focus on!

College Student

I found it very helpful and insightful! It also helped with my confidence and made me feel a little less alone in the stress that a job search process can bring.

College Student

I found it super interesting to discover more about myself and what motivates me. The workshop reaffirmed the direction I’ve started going in so that now I feel confident pursuing my interests and secure in my abilities.

College Student

I think this was a great opportunity that allows for students to finally feel like they have a sense of who they are and who they could become.

College Student

It was really in depth and I really understand my strengths/weaknesses and characteristics that shape my behavior. It was also really accurate and I can apply it to my personal life as well as my work/academic life.

College Student

I think its very useful especially for students to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie so they can find how to leverage that.

College Student

This workshop was amazing and insightful. I struggle knowing myself and so having the time to contemplate why and how I do things was SO beneficial. It also revealed to me what areas I can improve in and how to utilize my strengths.

College Student

It was a very insightful experience where both Julie and Carl explained the results of our assessment. A lot of information is included in both the moody workbook and the assessment. The assessment also made it easier to articulate my work style.

College Student

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