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Everyone is different. The human experience is unique to the individual. So our solutions have to serve that uniqueness.

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Talent Assessments by Success Discoveries


All of our work with our clients involves some level of talent diagnostic work. We use highly reliable, valid  and extremely insightful assessments provided by TTI Success Insights, a leading global provider of talent assessments and organizational diagnostic tools.

Talent Insights

TriMetrix HD Talent

Emotional Quotient

Workplace Stress Quotient


One on One Coaching By Success Discoveries

One-on-One Coaching

We partner with you to focus coaching that meets your goals. 

Depending on the focus, we have proven approaches and outlines to achieve your goals.

Goal specific programs

3-Month programs

6-Month programs

See our most popular areas of focus below.

Self Directed Learning by Success Discoveries

Low Cost
Self-Directed Offerings

For those that are highly self-motivated and proactive. and interested in a low-cost option, Success Discoveries offers several focus-specific programs that are entirely self-directed.

Each involves administering an assessment and following a step-by-step guide based on the focus. For many, this is a great first step that can be followed by an advanced coaching program.

Coming January 2022

One-on-One Coaching Focus-Specific Packages

One on One Coaching By Success Discoveries

Career Matching and Evaluation

Our career matching package includes an extensive talent assessment, career-talent matching analysis and map, and career evaluation and exploration coaching to gain clarity and answer the cornerstone strategic question: “What career options have the greatest potential for delivering a feeling of purpose, success and happiness”.

Through a combination of talent assessment analysis and powerful discovery questioning techniques, you'll identify and narrow good career options to a smaller list of high-potential options.

For those with some career direction already established, we’ll hone in on ideal companies and industries, niche types of jobs, soft skill development and identifying and removing barriers.

For those who feel they have “no clear options or career direction”, we replace lack of clarity with high-potential options.

What’s Included

• Talent assessment package: Talent Insights Career assessment
• Career matching analysis and investigation - assessment analysis and personal coaching to support evaluation of options and career/job research.
• Unlimited virtual coaching sessions - expect at least 6  one-hour sessions to complete the basic coaching structure. We also include long-term 30-minute check-in support sessions at no cost.
• Development of a personal mission statement
• Exclusive E-Book: If I Knew Then: How to Take Control of Your Career & Build the Lifestyle You Deserve, by Bill J. Bonnstetter, founder of Target Training International, Ltd. and TTI Success Insights
• LinkedIn usage strategy and ‘how to’ tutoring

Package Price:

All career levels: $1,595

For high-school students, full-time or graduating college students or recent grads, please visit our Career Coaching for Students™ website.

Success Discoveries Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Development Tune-Up for Leaders and Managers™ 

Includes a suite of assessments and three months of coaching (15 sessions)

Self-awareness is the beginning to a journey that includes developing leader communication and coaching skills to bring maximum influence to your organization.

Based on a unique, 55-factor analysis, our keystone assessment examines the leader behaviors that you bring to the job, the motivators that drive them, the cognitive acumen to do the job and the potential to provide the competencies required by the job. This reveals specific details in four areas that describe the how, why, what and can of superior performance.

Behaviors: The How

Knowledge is the biggest modifier of behavior for anyone but especially for leaders. With the behavioral results, you'll understand, appreciate and adapt your behavioral style for effective communication. Based on the DISC theory, behavior is measured in four dimensions; dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance which are translated into a hierarchy of twelve behavioral traits scored on a 10-point scale. Knowing your behavioral design and that of others empowers action towards leader growth.

Personal Motivators / Driving Forces: The Why

As a window through which we view the world, motivators are the driving forces of our behavior, or what motivates our actions. Motivators are measured in six areas: theoretical, utilitarian, aesthetic, social, individualistic and traditional. With an understanding of your personal motivators, you can encourage others (lead and manage) in a way that leverages and more effectively satisfies their inner drive. 

Acumen Indicator: The Can

The acumen assesses how astutely a person analyzes and interprets their experiences. A person’s acumen, or keenness and depth of perception or discernment, is directly related to performance. For leaders and managers, it is an extremely important area of your talent. The stronger a person’s acumen, the more aware they are of their reality in both their external and internal world.

Competencies: The What

Development indicator skills or work-related soft skill competencies describe what an individual’s strengths are in 25 research-based capacities, or personal skills, that are directly related to the business environment. The assessment captures your perception of your personal skills, using quantitative measurement for each capacity on three levels: mastery, some mastery and no mastery. The top skills outlined in the report highlight your well developed capabilities, revealing the areas where you are most effective. The key for leaders and managers is to ensure the inherent skills align with the personal skills required as a leader and manager.

We generate a supplemental report from the acumen results called Personal Talent Skills for Leaders and Managers.

Other Assessments included:

• Workplace Stress Quotient

• Emotional Quotient

Additional Client Materials

We assemble all assessment results and other materials into an organized binder that you'll value far beyond our time together. You'll also receive reading assignments including targeted books to supplement the coaching.

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