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Regardless of your level and whether you are recently laid off, in fear of losing your job or are looking for that next opportunity to keep your career goals on track and supercharged...our job search coaching package is customized for your needs.

Is your job search out of focus? 

Are you benefiting from the hidden job market?

Is your resume holding you back?

What is a job search strategy and how do I get one?

Is LinkedIn a nice-to-have or a must-have and what is SEO optimization?

Our Approach 

Understand you, your talents, skills and experience, your short- and long-term goals and... 

Provide laser-focused personalized expertise so you achieve your goals

When it comes to job search, time really is money. Job search coaching includes many moving parts. The work is pretty intense at first - there is much to do. We provide the expertise to move you forward in the fastest time possible. We also stay with you through the entire journey - from resume and personal branding to job search strategy development to networking and interviewing prep to offer negotiations and onboarding.  There really is no time to waste.

The Problem

Job searching is a grind. And the longer you’re at it, the worse it seems to get. It can be so discouraging to put yourself out there and get rejected over and over again or be met with radio silence.

But rather than continuing to apply to more job postings, you may benefit from taking a step back and considering why you’re not getting the results you want. What’s the real issue keeping you from landing your next gig?

There are thousands of articles listing the reasons you aren't getting interviews or job offers. They all say pretty much the same thing. Lily Zhang with The Muse posted a blog article that does a good job discussing 15 common challenge areas. To read her article go here

Here are the 15 reasons you could benefit from our job search coaching.

If You’re Not Getting Callbacks, Interviews or Offers

1. Your resume is a poor representation of you

2. Your cover letter isn’t tailored to the job

3. Your resume isn’t presenting the right ATS keywords

4. You’re applying to the wrong jobs

5. You’re not applying to enough jobs

6. You’re not telling the right people about your job search

7. You’re not adequately prepared for phone screens

8. You don’t know enough about the company

9. You haven’t prepped interview answers to common interview questions

10. You’ve focused too much on prepping interview answers and neglecting other interview skills

11. You’re not passing the technical/SME screen

12. You have the skills, but not the compelling story

13. You’re coming off a little… ...strong, ...meek, ...too talkative, topic/disorganized in your thoughts, ...angry, ...alouf, ...unpreparred, ...unsure, ...lacking in confidence 

14. You don’t stand out enough

15. You are too negative or sarcastic

And a bonus reason:

16. You didn’t prep your references

The Solution

Success Discoveries' Job Search Coaching package is packed with value. We may need to focus on every component of the job search or just a few areas. The bottom line to achieving success in a job search is nailing all components consistently. We work to ensure you have all of the components.

1. Clarity of desired future

2. Clarity of personal gifts and talents

3. Clarity of achievements within the context of the bigger business picture

4. A powerful resume that works for you, is a great representation of you and strategically supports the interview

5. A personal brand in social media that creates opportunities - hint: Your LinkedIn profile is critical

6. Cover letters written for the purpose they were intended for - to connect you specifically and articulately to the available job

7. Search and find the so-called hidden job market - hint: it's not so hidden

8. Build your network in a manner you are comfortable with and that gets results - hint: No one likes cold-calling, and you won't be doing any cold-calling with us

9. Finding the right posted jobs

10. Killing it in the interviews - with hundreds of possible interview questions, how do you prepare for every scenario question?

11. Prepping for the interviews

12. Proper follow-up and follow through

13. Negotiate or not? That is the question. We'll be there to ensure the best strategy for you and make sure you don't have any missteps.

14. Prepare for your first day, first week, first's important

If you put all of that together, your value in the market is very likely 10% - 50% higher than your current income. Certainly we aren't suggesting we can get you an increase of x amount. However, MANY of our clients have not only achieved their goal of changing jobs (or if unemployed, landing a job sooner rather than later), they've also enjoyed receiving a substantial increase in pay. There are many variables that play into the compensation discussion. Let's discuss your situation and see what a reasonable expectation might be.

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